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Play at Big Winter Classic, January 24-27, 2019



January 24-27, 2019


BIG Winter Classic was born out of an idea to celebrate Calgary year-round, not just in the fleeting summer months. Arts, music local beer and YOU collide at BIG Winter Classic for a four-day winter wonderland weekend.

We take the best and funnest people in our city and put them in a room together to create, imagine, dream, drink and play, all in the dead of winter. Because we’re Calgarians and dancing under patio heaters when it’s -15C outside actually sounds perfect.

Let’s not hide away this winter, let’s emerge from our homes and into our community; let’s re-group after the holidays and kick off the new year with glee; let’s bundle up and support our thriving music scene.

It’s already a classic.


Until the next BIG WINTER CLASSic


Past Lineups

Just in case you don't believe the hype, here are some sure-fire pieces of evidence that prove we know how to get the party started.


Join the team

We work really hard to connect with our audience, like, really connect. BIG is a community itself, and it’s part of the bigger community that is Calgary – and we like to speak to fellow community members, well, member to member! Team BIG is comprised of hard-working and dedicated volunteers and we're always looking to add to our numbers. Because, if we're being honest, we just like having an excuse to hang out with our buds.