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BIG needs YOU!

We’re looking for awesome people to help make BIG Winter Classic 2019 better than ever! Please note, all volunteers will be asked to commit to helping us to ensure BIG 2019 is a safe, fun, and welcoming event for all, free of hatefulness and discrimination of any kind.

All volunteers that fulfill their time commitment will receive a full weekend pass.

We sincerely thank our new and returning volunteers – BIG Winter Classic wouldn’t happen without you!

Here are the roles available for BIG 2019:


Box Office

Minimum time commitment: 12 hours

Responsible for on-site festival ticket sales and pick-ups.  Will greet festival attendees and bands, ensure they receive the appropriate festival pass, apply appropriate wrist-band, and hand each attendee a program guide. Volunteers must work well under-pressure and hold great attention to detail.


Stage Build/Tear Down Crew

Minimum time commitment: 12 hours - No volunteering required during festival programming!

Responsible for assisting our partners set up and tear down stage equipment (risers, speakers, etc). Volunteers must be available January 23, 24, & 28 - in the morning. Shifts could be early, like 7 or 8 am! The exact timing will be determined at a later date, so we need a bit of flexibility on this one! Volunteers must be able to lift and move heavy materials.


BIG Market – BIG & Artist Merchandise

Minimum time commitment: 12 hours

Responsible for handling and selling of BIG and artist’s merchandise during the festival weekend. Will accept artist’s goods and inventory lists, lay out merchandise for sales, keep track of performer consignments, manage inventory, and execute sale using Square. Attention to detail and a customer-focused attitude is required.  



Minimum time commitment: 12 hours

All vehicles will be provided. Responsible for operating a vehicle for artist pickup and drop-off between Airport, Hotel Arts, Last Best, Broken City, and Palomino. Must refrain from consuming alcohol before and during shifts. Must have a valid class 5 driver’s licence. Sorry, no GDL licenses for this one.


Andy Classic & Andy’s Handler

Minimum time commitment: 12 hours

Our lovable and popular BIG Mascot, Andy Classic, is scheduled to make a few 10-20 minute appearances during some of BIG’s big performances! We are looking for people to switch between wearing the mascot costume and guiding the person in the mascot costume. Andy l’s job will be to give out high-fives and do some minor (or major, if you have the moves) dancing to hype up the crowds. No talking required Must be able to tolerate the warmth of the Andy costume.



Minimum time commitment: 12 hours

Responsible for providing volunteer relief at the BIG Market, General & Artist/Media Box Offices, and other duties to essentially save our butts when we’re in a pinch - the flexible heroes.


Stage Managers

Minimum time commitment: The entire weekend of BIG - ~ 30 hours

We’re looking for a stage manager for each of BIG’s 6-7 stages at all of our locations. Must have stage management experience. Will be responsible for greeting bands as they load in, answering band questions, ensuring headliner backline is present according to provided documentation, ensuring set times are adhered to, technical troubleshooting, light lifting and movement of equipment between sets.

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