Calgary, Alberta

Mikaela Cochrane, front woman and songwriter for new act Future Womb, is no stranger to Calgary’s arts community. She has captivated audiences on-screen at the Calgary International Film Festival, most recently in Ice Blue, and gracing the stage as her alter-ego ‘Lily Bo Pique’ at Garter Girls Burlesque shows, but you haven’t seen her quite like this. 

Cochrane will be making her festival debut, as a musician at least, at the Femme Wave Kick Off Cabaret with guitarist Jordan Moe, bassist Michael De Souza and drummer Andrew Ellergodt – and the festival suits her perfectly. She says that besides being excited about multiple artistic mediums being represented in the festival, that there’s a level of comfort she feels within Femme Wave’s environment. “It’s almost a guaranteed safe space,” she says.  

It took a long time for her to decide on a band name that both meant something to her personally, but also offered relevancy to the content of her songs. She just so happened to figure it all out in a float tank.  

“I got a gift certificate for a float place. I went there and I was in a pretty bad place at the time, mentally. I [figured] I would treat myself, do this thing. When I went into the room there was this weird little pod with this glowing blue light inside. When I got in I was just like, ‘This is like a womb… from the future!’”  She leapt from the tank, quickly scribbled down the name, and returned to the ‘future womb’ for her float.  

Just like a womb’s role in creating life, Cochrane uses Future Womb to cultivate and establish herself as she navigates through some personal uncertainty. “I was feeling very lost and I felt like a lot of the reasons why I was [feeling that way] were the things that had been taught to me about what it meant to be a woman.” 

Making her music was a way for her to articulate her experience for both herself and others who can likely relate. She describes her sound as psychedelic dream pop influenced by ‘90s artists, but also includes a bit of a Latin infusion. Cochrane’s eerie vocal quality mixed with her stage presence offers the aesthetic of a neo-noir film, a little dark and gritty.  

Cochrane has been recording singles slowly as time allows with her brother, Taylor Cochrane of local band 36?, but isn’t necessarily in a rush to complete a record. “I want to do it right, not just release it. I still don’t know the route I want to take. I want it to be a concept album of a specific time in my life. Other than that, the rest is pretty fluid right now.”  

By Sarah Allen (BEATROUTE)