Your Weekly BIG Mixtape: Vol. 8

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this playlist. It’s actually quite stressful making one of these things for the world to see. You kind of have to say screw it and throw together exactly what you would listen to! After all, it is called “BJ Killer’s playlist”.

This playlist is a collection of songs: a soundtrack to awesome memories, pick-me-up anthems and others that are just plain fun. Music takes you on a roller coaster ride, doesn’t it? ... always a new adventure with every song you hear or show you see. This playlist pairs well with rye on ice (Golden Wedding to be exact!)

Every Friday we'll hit you with a new playlist to get you into the weekend, and give a little peek inside the musical minds of team BIG. Follow BIG on Spotify to stay tuned.

Vol. 8: BJ Killer

  1. Tongue in Cheek - Sellout
  2. Vengeance Is Mine - The Manges
  3. Quit Your Job - Chixdiggit!
  4. Fill Me In - Pride Tiger
  5. Come Undone - Miesha and the Spanks
  6. All I Really Want - 2015 Remastered - Alanis Morissette
  7. Anchors - Worst Days Down
  8. Forty Degrees - Banner Pilot
  9. Worn Out Passport - The Copyrights
  10. Vans Song - The Suicide Machines
  11. Please Play This Song On The Radio - NOFX
  12. Watch It Burn (Slight Return) - Napalmpom
  13. For You - Seth Anderson
  14. Twice as Nice - Mike Bochoff
  15. Your Rock And Roll - Northcote
  16. Jump the Shark - The Ativans
  17. Think Tank Breed - Baptists
  18. Fault Line - Audio/Rocketry
  19. Wrecking Ball - Amelia Curran
  20. Meet Me At The Lanes - Dave Hause