Your Weekly BIG Mixtape: Vol. 22


From the release of new products and videos, to getting you stoked to ride- the Source knows a thing or two about song selection. Picture this playlist's Side A (1-8) a tribute to some of the best from the Source's glorious first 25 years; Side B (9-16) a declaration of love to the city we call home.

Every Friday we'll hit you with a new playlist to get you into the weekend, and give a little peek inside the musical minds of team BIG. Follow BIG on Spotify to stay tuned.

Vol. 22: Snow. Skate. Source.

  1. Melody Lee - The Damned
  2. Needle In The Camel's Eye - Brian Eno
  3. Speedway - Morrissey
  4. Obstacle 1 - Interpol
  5. Kids of the Black Hole - Adolescents
  6. Bring - The Spits
  7. Ode To... - Beastie Boys
  8. King's Crossing - Elliott Smith
  9. Bored Again - Lab Coast
  10. H.C.M. - Sunglaciers
  11. Dial Tone - Teledrome
  12. Double Vision - Port Juvee
  13. Subway Moonlight - Melted Mirror
  14. You Carry A Sickness - Astral Swans