Your Weekly BIG Mixtape: Vol. 18


A collaboration between Nicola Lefevre and Girls Rock Camp Calgary mentor Mason Jenkins, “this playlist is a whole lot of what we love, locally, nationally and internationally! Some songs are from our camp founders and mentors bands, some are songs that our campers have covered in the past, and all of it inspires us!”

Every Friday we'll hit you with a new playlist to get you into the weekend, and give a little peek inside the musical minds of team BIG. Follow BIG on Spotify to stay tuned.

Vol. 18: Girls Rock Camp Classics

  1. Don’t Wanna Lose - Ex Hex
  2. Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill
  3. Sidekick - Marlaena Moore
  4. Stranger - Miesha and the Spanks
  5. DQ - Charly Bliss
  6. Tongue in Cheek - Sellout
  7. Deceptacon - Le Tigre
  8. Gills - Night Committee
  9. Dancing On My Own - Robyn
  10. Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
  11. Savages - Little Destroyer
  12. Halo - Beyoncé
  13. Holy Roller - Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
  14. Skeletons - Mobina Galore
  15. She / Her / Hers - Deaddeer
  16. Caught In The Middle - Paramore
  17. Don't Wanna Fight - Alabama Shakes
  18. True Trans Soul Rebel - Against Me!