Your Weekly BIG Mixtape: Vol. 16


Round 3 of the guest curated playlists from our man Jay Lawrance of Two Words Productions! Ever had a song make you stop and think, “holy shit?” Ever had a song make you an instant fan of an artist? We love that shit, and this list is full of those jams that made Jay say “damn!” Enjoy!

Every Friday we'll hit you with a new playlist to get you into the weekend, and give a little peek inside the musical minds of team BIG. Follow BIG on Spotify to stay tuned.

Vol. 16: Got Me Like "Whoa!"

  1. 16 Shells From A 30.6 - Tom Waits
  2. Blockbuster Night Part 1 - Run The Jewels
  3. Atlas - Battles
  4. The National Anthem - Radiohead
  5. I'll Believe In Anything - Wolf Parade
  6. All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem
  7. Kiss - Prince
  8. Love and Happiness - Al Green
  9. Happy - The Rolling Stones
  10. Burn Down The Valley - The Deadly Snakes
  11. Mexicola - Queens of the Stone Age
  12. Young Offenders - Constantines
  13. The Universe! - Do Make Say Think
  14. Don't Run Our Hearts Around - Black Mountain
  15. Trailer Trash - Modest Mouse
  16. Close To Me - Remastered - The Cure
  17. Forever Indebted - Shout Out Out Out Out
  18. Dancing In the Dark - Bruce Springsteen
  19. The Air-Conditioned Nightmare - Mr. Bungle
  20. Arpeggiator - Fugazi
  21. I am trying to break your heart - Wilco