Your Weekly BIG Mixtape: Vol. 13

Summer is the season of everything good. Endless festivals; a break from school; long, hot, lazy days. This playlist was made to capture one of my favourite summer pastimes: chilling by the Elbow river, surrounded by buds and a few brews. There is a little bit of something for everyone on this list, including some fantastic Calgary representation. Experience the surf, the psychedelia; the groove of it all. Crack open a cold one and dive in...The water’s great and the music is better!. - Willow

Every Friday we'll hit you with a new playlist to get you into the weekend, and give a little peek inside the musical minds of team BIG. Follow BIG on Spotify to stay tuned.

Vol. 13: Summer at the Slabs

  1. Backwater - Chron Goblin
  2. Sun Is Burning - Naxatras
  3. Texas Igloo - Petyr
  4. Blackout Beach - All Hands On Jane
  5. Laughing And Lost - Black Wizard
  6. Black Water - Timber Timbre
  7. Demon To Lean On - Wavves
  8. Double Vision - Port Juvee
  9. Wahoo - Meatbodies
  10. Sacred Sands - Allah-Las
  11. Sour Candy - Bleached
  12. Pineapple - BESTIE
  13. Daydream - Beach Fossils
  14. Beach Rats - The Growlers
  15. Told You I'd Be with the Guys - Cherry Glazerr
  16. Death Valley Boogie - Death Valley Girls
  17. All I Wanna Do - Splashh
  18. When the Tide Comes In - Tiger Army
  19. Robbing the Vegan Ice Cream Truck - 36?
  20. Jungle Birds - Flamingods