Whitey Houston


Edmonton, Alberta

Born of hinterland depression, a mutual love of texas hold'em and audiophile discontent, Whitey came to pass in 1999. The indie-rock approach of earlier efforts were quickly drowned out by the stereophonic roar of the bass guitar and the increasingly pugelistic trap stylings of GRAVY: THE CARDIAC KID. He was once heard to say "I don't play the drums, I hit the drums." And crush those drums he did (and still does).

The slow songs were being SHITCANNED for faster ones which were in-turn not fast enough so those were SHITCANNED for even faster ones. It was pure, feral rock and roll complete with the right mix of swagger, humour, and arm windmilling. Fueled by vinyl loyalist sensibilities, the new sound pulled from diverse influences, from the garage soul of The Pretty Things and The Sonics to the arena rock pomp of Thin Lizzy, early AC-DC and Motorhead. Obscure 60?s R&B screamers, 77 punk and English metal, all were absorbed into the mix that would produce Whitey Houston's particular brand of frenzied rock n roll.

After four years of relative sloth and prior musical commitments taking precedence, they came out swinging in '04. A renewed commitment to touring saw the addition of the maraca weilding Dancin' Kimballs, adding a touch of retro go-go camp to the live set. Excelsior!

Willis HoffComment