The Utilities

Lethbridge, AB


The Utilities are an Alberta-based folk rock band. “Heavy South,” their newest and best record, fixates on circular patterns: work weeks, weather patterns, daily exchanges. Melodic, lyrically-focused songs are the heart and soul of the record, with gently psychedelic flourishes and instrumental detours adding colour. The Utilities sound relaxed and confident on “Heavy South,” refining the strengths of their previous releases. These are the warmest recordings the band have released to date; with the help of Albertan producer Jesse Northey (Major Love, Jesse and the Dandelions), The Utilities dig into sounds of the late 60s and early 70s more seriously than on their previous releases. "Heavy South" is an inviting record that rewards repeated listens.

The Utilities are Joel Stretch, Drake McCheyne, Colby Stolson, and Tyson Wiebe.

Plays at:

The Palomino - Saturday, January 26 at 09:15pm