The Night Terrors

Calgary, AB


Formed by ex-DELUGE! members Dave Drebit (vocals, guitar, previous BIG! Instagram take over artist), Kurt Kluba (bass, vocals) and Nathan Kunz from In Search of Sasquatch (drums) The Night Terrors have erupted into the Calgary music scene with their patented dual vocal assault reminiscent of early 2000's Taking Back Sunday with the distorted singe of 90's alternative. The Night Terrors take their boy scout, 'can do' attitude and mix it with the explosive insecurities to create a captivating concoction of emotion that blooms on stage while the crowd exercises their demons. In the mix of sweat, harmony and ringing distortion, a serenity is found in the chaos, like a finger on a pulse.

Plays at:

Broken City - Friday, January 25 at 05:45pm