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Shout Out Out Out Out

It is not uncommon for a band to be a product of their environment, but Shout Out Out Out Out is certainly a group as rich in paradox and contrast as the 780 area code. Edmonton is about as remote an outpost of a major city as you'll find anywhere in Canada, yet close to a million people choose to live there. Why would anyone choose to live there? Why would anyone choose to base a band there? Maybe it's because it takes a band like Shout Out Out Out Out to embrace their surroundings and use these harsh realities as motivation to actually do something, and to realize that if you're going to try to do something in Edmonton, there is no point in doing it halfway.

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Mark Mills

Imagine you’re at a garage sale. You walk in and spot a colourful silk shirt in the back of the garage. Without hesitation, without question, you pick up the shirt, pay what they ask and leave. This retro silk shirt fills you with confidence, making you the life of the party.

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