Surf Dads

Regina, SK


The music video for “All My Friends,” the newest by Regina band Surf Dads opens with campy, cursive lettering that inform us that we’re actually watching a home video set in 1977. It’s adorably dorky and feels particularly in line with the Regina band that’s been described my many as sounding like “Weezer on speed.” Fronted by vocalist Gage McMcGuire and drummer Chris Dimas, the prarie punk(ish) outfit deliver shout along power-pop that searches for sunshine through riffs. It’s brazen and gregarious and demands a pit of sweaty kids for maximum impact.

Fresh off the release of a string of EPs, the music video pulls from the stylized 70s aesthetic that everyone from Drake to Lana Del Rey has flirted with. But the spirit of “All My Friends” evokes nostalgia for the past as it cements an appreciation for the present. Between clips of surprise hugs and a generous amount of disco fingers, the video pays homage to the gloriously mundane moments that go into building a friendship: the weird, belly-busting moments where you just know an inside joke is in production or long road trips where light conversations take a deep dive into more personal territories.

In an age where it kinda feels like your constantly filming your own home movie (often on platforms and channels that don’t belong to us), “All My Friends” splices big life events into a collection of individual situations. It zeroes in on that moment where you’re surrounded by the people you treasure the most, and that familiar tightening feeling in your stomach that reminds you that with the right team, you just might be able to take on the world.

Plays at:

The Palomino - Thursday, January 24 at 11:00pm