Calgary, AB


Sunglaciers’ songs are complex but never fussy, maintaining a healthy display of instrumental dexterity and structural sophistication while never sacrificing their strong songwriting sensibilities and knack for buzzing earworm melodies. It makes sense, then, that they’ve all but devoured the gamut of guitar-based rock music, touching on the textural aspects of key torch-bearers like Sonic Youth and the Velvet Underground, and recalling the choicest elements of groups as diverse & sharp as Deerhunter and the Walkmen. The band released their second EP, Twin Evil Twin, in March 2018. It was recorded and co-produced by Chris Dadge (Lab Coast, Chad VanGaalen, Alvvays) and suggests a group on the cusp of making its mark on Canada’s musical landcape. A Dadge-helmed LP is due in early 2019, and the band can be found playing around Canada over the next few months.

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Last Best - Thursday, January 24 at 08:30pm