Calgary, AB


Formed by three friends in 2017, Shuffalo in its original inception had only lasted a brief time before one of the founding member’s moved away to pursue his own music endeavors. However, the two remaining members, singer/guitarist Brayden Bell, and keyboard/guitarist Steve MacDonald sought to continue the group.

On recommendation, Steve contacted his childhood friend, Mac Bennett to fill in on drums – who then suggested his cousin Nick Jarvis try out on guitar – lacking only a bass player, Nick recommended his friend Bailey Clarke audition…thus ending the telephone-wire of Shuffalo member recommendations, with the current line-up becoming permanent as of January 2018.

Now as a full five-piece with a wide array of influences and playing styles, Shuffalo grounds its musical direction in a to-the-point style of danceable rock, layered with vibrant melodies, and warm synthesizers – blanketed in three-piece vocal harmonies. Their debut single “Heart Attack” was released in July 2018, with plans for further releases to follow shortly after.

With their live shows, Shuffalo creates an environment for everyone to feel comfortable, be themselves, dance, sing, and have a great overall experience!


  • Brayden Bell - Lead Vocals / Guitars / Keys

  • Bailey Clarke - Bass Guitar / Vocals / Keys

  • Steve MacDonald - Keys / Vocals / Guitars / Percussion

  • Nick Jarvis - Guitars

  • Mac Bennett - Drums / Percussion

Plays at:

Inner City Brewing - Saturday, January 26 at 06:45pm