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It is not uncommon for a band to be a product of their environment, but Shout Out Out Out Out is certainly a group as rich in paradox and contrast as the 780 area code. Edmonton is about as remote an outpost of a major city as you'll find anywhere in Canada, yet close to a million people choose to live there. Why would anyone choose to live there? Why would anyone choose to base a band there? Maybe it's because it takes a band like Shout Out Out Out Out to embrace their surroundings and use these harsh realities as motivation to actually do something, and to realize that if you're going to try
to do something in Edmonton, there is no point in doing it halfway.

And so it goes, Shout Out Out Out Out emerged from the frozen north as an all-rhythm section, high-kicking, collection of local rock stalwarts, diving headfirst into the world of electronic music. A formidable force and a live spectacle from the get-go, with two drummers, four bass players, and an entirely appropriate mountain of analog synthesizers. Like in every band's not-so-secret dream, local support grew to national buzz, national acclaim grew to international buzz, and the upward momentum just keeps pushing on.

Through it all, Shout Out Out Out Out have maintained the juxtaposition involved in being an Edmonton band. Sure, this is dance music and really, it's a damn good time. Lyrically though, darker themes are explored, connecting those who listen closely enough to
decipher the vocoded laments (we're talking Kraftwerk here, not T-Pain) with themes of disillusionment, debt, and inner struggle. Not unlike making the best of living in a geographically isolated permafrost city, Shout Out Out Out Out use dance music to help
themselves and their listeners lighten the load of a heavier existence.

Shout Out Out Out Out is: Nik Kozub, Jason Troock, Lyle Bell, Will Zimmerman, Clint Frazier, and gravy.

Plays at:

Broken City - Sunday, January 27 at 09:15pm