Miesha & The Spanks

Calgary, AB


The word "ballsy" appears twice in the bio of Calgary duo Miesha and the Spanks. After seeing guitarist/frontwoman Miesha Louie, also a Girls Rock Camp co-boss, and drummer Sean Hamilton do their thing live, that usage is justified.

They may have been stuffed full of pizza, admittedly eaten a little too close to show time, but they didn't let that bog them down. Hamilton approached a state of beet redness working up a sweat as he beat the crap out of his kit, rocking so hard he knocked one of his cymbals off the stand during a brisker version of "Girls" than that from their most recent album, Girls Girls Girls.

Standing tall, Miesha played it cool up front, teasing appropriate distortion from her hard-rocking licks that landed closer to Deap Vally than the White Stripes on the bluesy garage-rock duo spectrum, although they tended to push their tempos up higher and harder, or, as they might say, ballsier.

- Alam Ranta, EXCLAIM! Magazine (Rifflandia 2018 Review)

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Last Best - Saturday, January 26 at 09:30pm