Mason Jenkins

Calgary, AB


Mason Jenkins is an advocate and spokesperson for bringing back the "Calgary Wave" and tries to embody the attitude of a very good dog. Jenkins is a transgender man, which makes him an excellent inclusivity bingo dab to any event. He daringly shares stories and jokes of his adventures in gender and navigating the world as a retired lesbian. (Undefeated, 2006-2011.)

When he was 12, his mom gave him a book called "Chicken Soup for the Christian Teenage Soul." One of the submissions provided instructions on how to get girls to like you. Suggestion #3 was to learn to play guitar, so he did. He refuses to comment on if this sage advice has served him well. Instead, he offers that learning to write and perform music has helped him put his "insides on the outside, and that feels good."

Mason's songs are velvet paintings. They are elegantly grafted and from a forgotten era and delightfully campy. His songwriting is built upon on a darkness that makes the listener ask out loud "...hey, is this guy ok?" He most definitely is, but it's best to come find out for yourself.

Plays at:

King Eddy - Friday, January 25 at 08:00pm