Mark Mills

Calgary, AB


Imagine you’re at a garage sale. You walk in and spot a colourful silk shirt in the back of the garage. Without hesitation, without question, you pick up the shirt, pay what they ask and leave. This retro silk shirt fills you with confidence, making you the life of the party.

A performance by Mark Mills has the same effect as that silk shirt. He is the personification of inhibitionless party; his cool, ‘80s, synth-galore throwback jams are revitalized with a fresh, modern perspective. 

Mark Mills dances so hard that it’s tough not to want to join him. He takes one-man-band to a new level, playing pre-produced beats off an iPod while layering toy-synthesizer, guitar and vocals overtop.

Not a single body was still throughout his performance. Feet were shuffling and faces were smiling. “Shake your body with me,” invited the flamboyant, proud father of two, sharing stories of his kids in between his analog disco beats.

Mark Mills, at times hip-thrusting his way through the crowd, was animated, believing every word of his songs about getting high on life, and the audience harmoniously partied along.

- Michael Grondin, Beatroute

Plays at:

Broken City - Sunday, January 27 at 05:15pm