Saskatoon, SK


Hattie’s sophomore album, “Seance,” (Oct 2018) is as much a meditation on the heartbreak of growing up, and out, of our concrete youth, as it is a spaghetti western made by a wigged-out auteur director on psychedelics. The album bends time and sound between end-of-the-century grunge, surf-rock and outlaw country.

As a solo artist, Hattie transcends genres within his own created dimension of grunge-pop, creating dusty, lyrical songs that send you do the edge of your own world, while keeping you grounded with the pop savvy he cut his teeth on many moons ago. While much of today’s popular music takes influence from the past, with country and rock acts replicating the days of old, Hattie is the last of a dying cowboy breed. An outlaw at the door of the apocalypse, a cigarette in his mouth, waiting for something to give, listening to The Smiths in one ear and the Smashing Pumpkins in the other.” - Spencer Oakes, The Negative Space

Plays at:

Inner City Brewing - Saturday, January 26 at 08:30pm