Lucky Bastard Distillery

Welcome to our little distillery in the heart of the prairies, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Saskatchewan is Cree for swift flowing river and Saskatoon is named after the beautiful berry that grows in abundance around our magnificent river. We are located in smack dab in the centre of Canada. Our home is a true juxtapose of extremes, which makes it the greatest place to produces the finest spirits and liqueurs. We Saskatchewanians are the most hospitable folk you’re likely to meet even though we live in a most inhospitable climate. Our winters are bitterly cold and long, lasting 6 months and reaching lows of -40 Celsius. Our summers are short and hot, averaging 30-40 Celsius. But because of these extremes, nature is kind and has rewarded us with the best growing conditions for grains and fruits, the most amount of sunshine in Canada as well as an abundance of the purest water on earth, believe it or not, but we have over one hundred thousand fresh water lakes in our province.

Founded in 2010 by three fun loving flatlanders our goal was to produce the finest spirits and liqueurs using the finest locally sourced fruit and grains. Our motto is quality over quantity and we won’t bottle it until it’s over proof awesome!  

We are a micro distillery, what this means is that we hand craft spirits and liqueurs in very small batches and distill only 250 litres at a time. The benefit of these small distillation batches is we maintain control of our artistry and are assured to capture only the crème de la crème of distillates coming off the still. Our motto is quality over quantity and we won’t bottle until it’s over proof awesome.

Our still is affectionately named Ginger. She is a beautiful hand hammered copper pot still, made in Germany. When choosing our still we decided to follow the advice of our friends in Scotland, France and Germany who traditionally use copper to produce exceptional Scotch Whisky, Cognac, and Brandy. The copper not only looks pretty, but it truly purifies the spirit while allowing subtle flavour profiles to be imparted into the spirits. Ginger is a work horse as everything we produce runs through her and each leave their mark giving her character. Flavours such as warm buttery bread from the wheat used to make our vodka, the spiciness of the rye & maltyness of the barley used in our whisky, the fruity, apple, citrus, & licorice notes, from the botanicals used in our gin, to the sweet toffee and caramel flavours imparted from the sugar cane and molasses used to make our rums. All these flavours and profiles seem to meld into that soft copper and give everything we make a charm that cannot be replicated!

We are traditionalists when it comes to our products, we rely on our senses of taste sight and smell and have no automation. Everything is produced under the watchful eye and taste buds of our distillers.